Handling Email

On of my major concerns about moving to a VPS on Digital Ocean <– affiliate link was how to handle email.  Administering a web server is one thing and probably complicated enough but what about an email server? How do I manage email for all of those domains?

While reviewing information about TuxLite (TuxLite is a free collection of shell scripts for rapid deployment of LAMP and LNMP stacks (Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL and PHP) for Debian and Ubuntu), their FAQ page said that running an email server will use too many resources on a VPS.  They suggested using Google Apps, Zoho Mail or Fastmail.

After a little research I decided on Zoho Mail. I am using the free level for each domain I own. If you need more than 5 email accounts on a domain or want to handle multiple domains in a single account it will cost you more than free.

I’ve decided to keep my email accounts simple and just use one for each domain and forward them to my personal gmail address. In gmail then I create a filter that labels the domain they came from.

I’ve had to as for help to get email forwarding working. I am not sure why. But overall it is a much simpler solution that trying to figure out how to manage an email server.

Of course, my VPS will still need to send email, TuxLite configures Postfix for outgoing email.

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